Rich Gator Golf Club Limited Edition NFTs

Rich Gator Golf Club

🍻A place for swamp-sized deals and mud martinis… 🍸

🐊 The Rich Gator Golf Club is a collection of 2222 unique Rich Gator NFTs. None can be duplicated and no more will ever be created. 🐊

⛳️ By owning a Rich Gator NFT and being a club member, you gain access to 19th Hole member’s club, free mints, voting rights, giveaways and much more! ⛳️

πŸ‘ The Rich Gator Golf Club is a community owned charity project. $10,000 from the initial sale was donated to the First Tee Charity. 1% of royalties will be donated to a charity that the NFT holders choose.πŸŽ—

πŸ’―The original and most limited collection of the Rich Gator ecosystem. πŸš€

πŸ’°0.022 ETH Mint Price (Sold out around an hour)

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