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Cryptoshack Limited Edition NFTs

Cryptoshack Limited Edition NFTs


The Cryptoshack Collection

7,200 digital, non-fungible ERC-721 tokens stored on the Ethereum blockchain. Each member of the Cryptoshack is unique, generated from over 200 individual traits. Traits include fur, clothing, mouth, eyes, ears, headwear, hands, and background.

There are 3 classes inside the Cyrptoshack ecosystem

You may decide to remain a gopher and live a secluded life underground OR hire a caddy and evolve into an affluent member of Bushwood CC.

The Cryptoshack Story

Cryptoshack is shaking up the NFT world and you’re invited to join us on the journey. But beware, a rebellion is brewing. The underground tunnels have transformed into a battle zone, as the gophers have decided to wage war against the affluent membersof Bushwood CC.

We all join the Cryptoshack as gophers or caddies. However, upon arrival, you will be faced with the toughest decision you’ll ever have to make – Do you remain a pesky varmint forever, or choose to evolve into a member of the elite (and sometimes a bit snobby) society, where you may just find yourself walking down the prestigious halls of the most famous Country Club in the metaverse.

Only two questions remain…which side will you choose, and who will rise up and claim victory? Only time will tell!

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