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Foresome Friends Limited Edition NFTs

Foresome Friends Limited Edition NFTs

NFT Golf Shop

NFT Golf Shop’s Exclusive Foresome Friends Limited Edition NFT Series features a unique set of individually created golf characters living on the Polygon Network. No two are alike and together they create a golf experience like no other.

Foresome Friends is a Limited Edition NFT collection of individual collectible golf characters that will be paired into one-of-a-kind non-repeatable golf foursomes, called Foresomes. Each Foresome will consist of four individual golfers.

Foresome Friends NFT owners will receive a limited edition NFT and may be eligible to receive access to exclusive owner benefits.

Welcome to Foresome Friends

Foresome Friends ‘Individual Golfer’ NFTs (#1/18) and ‘Foresome’ NFTs (#1/1) both will be available via FREE MINT and Whitelist Giveaways then available for secondary purchase on OpenSea and announced by NFT Golf Shop to subscribers and social media account followers.


18 Individual Golfer NFTs. Individual Golf Characters are the Properties of each Foresome NFT. There will be 18 NFTs of each character property (making NFTs 1-of-18 for each Individual Golf Character).

1,818 Foresome NFTs. Foresome NFTs are 1-of-1 (One-of-a-Kind) non-repeatable golf groups that consist of 4 Individual Golf Characters with various rarity based on the individual golfers in each Foresome.

SERIES 1 Summary: All Foresome Friends NFTs will be available exclusively on OpenSea Polygon. NFTs will be released in separate drops based on the Foresome Friends detailed drop schedule, once confirmed. NFTs will offer owners the opportunity to own a unique digital golf collectible and may include future owner-only access to NFT Golf Shop exclusive benefits for active Foresome Friends NFT owners. Copyright is not transferred, but commercial usage rights are granted for NFTs owned in unedited formats. Foresome Friends retains copyright and the right to use all NFT images for commercial purposes and to expand future series using both existing and/or new individual golf characters.