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Senior Ape Golf Club Limited Edition NFTs

Senior Ape Golf Club Limited Edition NFTs

Senior Ape Golf Club

Senior Ape Golf Club (SAGC) is a private collection of 8.888 Senior Ape NFTs. Each one is stored as an ERC-721 token on the Ethereum Blockchain and hosted on IPFS. Using more than 180 hand-drawn traits, each Senior Ape is unique and comes with a membership to an exclusive club of successful investors, influencers, and crypto moguls. Join us to have access to The Retirement Home, with an ambitious ever-growing community full of perks.

WIP: SAGC is currently developing different options to distribute an ERC-20 ($FORE) by staking the Genesis collection. $FORE would be used to purchase a Loyal 3D ape that you will be able to upgrade; pre-made traits will be available for purchase, or you will be able to create your own. A Secondary SAGC collection will be launched in 3D exclusively for holders. $FORE will add value to our ecosystem, by being used for limited merch drops, exclusive NFT drops, and future development of the community.

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